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Kneobase — Enterprise search solution

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Kneobase 似乎把 Lucene search 再包了一層

以下是它的 feature list: 

For users

  • Support and automatic detection of manifold languages:
    English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Dutch .

  • Centralized capacity search in multiple sources of
  • Textual consultations outposts (fuzzy search, by
    patterns, etc.)
  • Customized filters search (by type of file, date, etc.)
  • Access to many different sources such as FTP, RDBMS,
    Lotus Domino, OpenCMS, ILIAS, PhpCollab, Mantis, CVS.

For administrators

  • Configuration of diverse sources of content
  • Flexible configuration of multiple hierarchies search
    by source (by type, location etc.)
  • Console of administration Web
  • Detailed reports
  • Ample flexibility of configuration of indexing
  • Concurrent indexing and searches

For web programmers and developers of new drivers (API and SPI)

  • API with service XML SOAP for access from other
    surroundings (Microsoft NET, PHP, Python, etc.) with examples of programming
    for the access

  • Documentation
  • SPI very easy to use just knowing how to access the
    content source
  • Library of "tree" type drivers

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